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Sky 2Tb box

Just changed my HD box for the 2Tb variety with WiFi. The picture from live sources is excellent,  but recordings are distinctly soft and could in no way be termed HD. Is this a problem with this type of box, or have I got a bad one and need to contact Sky?

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RE: Sky 2Tb box

I would expect recordings to be as good as live so sounds like a dodgy one.

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Sky and freeview Distribution

I think problem with the sky view installation. You must consult your near by aerial service provider. There may be technically cable attachment issue or  in the box itself.

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Is the last reply a load of cods'? Surely a box swap needed.

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RobinKidderminster wrote:

Is the last reply a load of cods'? Surely a box swap needed.

Indeed it is, given that Sky has nought to do with aerials.

The box is faulty and needs to be replaced.

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