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Squeezebox Radio or Squeezebox Boom (or somthing else)?

Hi; My home has a decent wifi network (and homeplug if required) and I run Twonky on a Buffalo Linkstation NAS rive. Currently, I mainly listen to MP3s via Roku Soundbridge (cracking kit btw) and am wanting to have a simple way of streaming MP3s into the kitchen and having the option to listen to radio. Would love Sonos but that's above budget (which is £250ish or less). I'm therefore looking for a one box solution and am looking at the above two. I have a logitech ipod dock and am happy with the sound quality and therefore happy with the brand. I'm attracted to the Radio as it's cheaper, has a colour screen, uses 'N' wifi and can be run on battery (ideal for garden listeining!). My concern is that this looks too good to be true when compared to the Boom and therefore does anyone know if the sound is still up to scratch compared to the Boom and also if there's anything the Boom offers which the Radio doesn't??? Cheers

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Re: Squeezebox Radio or Squeezebox Boom (or somthing else)?

I run both as part of a 5-squeezebox setup. A Radio in the kitchen and a Boom on the upstairs landing. 

I find the Radio a touch temperamental compared to the Boom, and i think it gives away a little in sound (bass) to its bigger sibling.That being said, i'm more than happy with it. (And its slight shortcoming (in temperament) is probably more down to the fact that i'm constantly messing around with the music library). 

I suggest that if the extras (the colour screen, preset buttons, and other items you mention) add value for you then go for the Radio. But if you don't need the bells and whistles I think the Boom edges it.    

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Re: Squeezebox Radio or Squeezebox Boom (or somthing else)?

Radio integrates with Spotify Premium whereas the Boom doesn't (there is a 3rd party plugin available but don't know how well it works).

Boom is better sound quality but Radio can be more flexible via the expensive additional battery.

Wireless in both is g.

Neither will stream from Twonky so you'll need Logitech's Squeezebox Server software running somewhere for your MP3s. It may or may not be able to run on your NAS & will likely be slow even if it does.

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