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RE: Naim V1 dac and others...................

I recently auditioned the MDAC, a NAD and a Leema Elements Integrated Amp (with built in DAC) and walked away with the Leema.  Good solid sound, doesn't over emphasise anything just presents a "natural" sound.  Plenty of power under the hood too.


My 2 cents!

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RE: Naim V1 dac and others...................

great choice, the leema is a cracking dac, better imo than the overpriced naim v1, and it only got 3 stars... ROFL 

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RE: Naim V1 dac and others...................


Just to reply to an earlier poster I have still not bought a dac for my main system, I am still after the Naim or Exposure but have heard there may be a new Exposure on the way but I fear the price will be more than the current model so will be back to the problem of price justification.

I spoke with Igloo Audio who were very helpful and they advise a listen to the Mytek but the inputs are not really suitable but if it sounds hugely better I might compromise. From what I have heard with DAC's I don't think it will be a huge difference but willing to give it a go.

I tried to get a demo of the Leema but proved difficult with the dealer, I offered to contact Leema directly to get a demo item and the dealer said they would do this and I chased them up twice to get this and I am still waiting.

At the moment tweaking a new system with Exposure xxv amp :grin:

Interesting comments from all, thanks.


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