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best quality for streaming

hi, what is the best quality sound for streaming to cambridge dac, sky songs, napster, or spotify

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Re: best quality for streaming

I have dabbled a bit and can say that in order, We7 is the worst, then Grooveshark (which has inconsistent sound quality, so sometimes it can be better than...) Spotify. Spotify is 320kbps for premium, which I am sure is more than Napster. But more importantly than that I feel the Ogg Vorbis codec that Spotify uses is better sounding than others. Various web comparisons between the formats tend towards Vorbis as being better. I have very briefly dabbled with Sky Songs, again I am not sure of its codec, but what I did hear did not grab me and make me want to investigate further.

Grooveshark is the only one that has made me think again about Spotify. But there are licensing issues and a not nice user interface which mean overall Spotify, for me reigns supreme.

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Re: best quality for streaming

looks like spotify for me
merry xmas

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