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Best Flac player (hardware)

Hi, i have a simple question

i have a large lossless flac music collection on my external hdd. I currently use it via my laptop , that is mconnected via a 3,5mm jack to my amp' not quite the ideal solution as you can imagine. 

What is the best way to play my music? I sometimes use spotify and 8tracks.

my suggestion is : media player (apple tv gen 1) , monitor, dac (suggestions?) , amp 

or is there a better solution? 

please help 

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RE: Best Flac player (hardware)


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RE: Best Flac player (hardware)

WD TVLive.

Yamaha V2065. MS Mezzo 5.1 Panasonic 42. Sony BD. Garrard 86SB. WD Live TV. SkyHD.



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