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Yamaha rxa 2020 manual set up/tweak

Hi all,

I have had my rxa 2020 for a few weeks now and let "break in" before appointing a few tweaks.this is what I emailed my dealer a few days ago and hoping for some help but so far no news from him so m hoping somebody can help.

Hi Tristan,

Glad to report that I have had no issues with the yamaha so far. Turns on every time, no handshake problems, this thing is a beast. It s a bit bigger than the MRX and just fits in the cabinet.
However, I have one or two points to ask you in regards to manually tweaking the receiver.
First of all,like I said previously the YPAO cycle was too short in order to reach my listening position, and therefore purchase an extender to suit.After running the YPAO I was not entirely happy with the results as all speakers set to large, sub was weird and so on.
I then decided to set up everything manually with the aid of a SPL meter but got confused.
As an example, with previous receivers, when you decide to set it up manually, the receivers emitted a pink noise at at certain and constant volume, which you then adjusted the gain of each speakers in order to get an even 75dB sound pressure. With the yamaha, the pink noise is really faint,and when you adjust the speakers gain ( +/- 10),it does not reach 75dB. Also, I have noticed that during pink noises sequence, you can increase the volume of the pink noise.
Do you know or try and find out if I need to set the master volume at a certain level before even trying to adjust each speakers gain in order to reach 75dB.
My other concern, is the sub frequency,which I can t really adjust or know how to adjust. Where do I adjust the crossover and frequency. So far all I can do is adjust by either +-10dB, and YPAO sets it at -9dB. I din t get much slam on action movies.
Hope this makes sense and any info would be great.

While m at it, do you know what type of accoustic dampening I can get in order to put in the wall in order to stop sound leaking into other room and improve quality of the centre speaker.
I will also build an enclose box for my in ceiling in order to improve their efficiency and would love to add some insulation. Can you recommend some or do you even sell some?