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Yamaha RX-V373 or RX-V673?


I am upgrading my Sony DA5200ES home cinema receiver since it does not pass through a 3D signal, and am torn between the 373 and 673.

Essentially, the 673 is twice the price of the 373 here in Canada, but both are within budget.

I will be using the receiver with my existing Bose Acoustimass 10 speakers in a 5.1 configuration so was wondering if it is worth the extra to get the 673, or whether I should save money and get the 373.

I don't think I'll ever get a 7.1 speaker setup in my current tv room, since I don't have anywhere to put the side speakers. Are the differences between the two enough to justify the extra cost?

Opinions please..


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RE: Yamaha RX-V373 or RX-V673?

for those dinky speakers guess you dont need more than the 373

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RE: Yamaha RX-V373 or RX-V673?

I think I would stretch to the RX-V673. It's easily the better sounding product and will make more of any future upgrade you make to you system.

Ketan Bharadia

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