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Vibrating Onkyo 515 AV - what can I do?

I have a brand new Onkyo 515 AV system. It is mounted on a solid TV unit. It buzzes annoyingly as it vibrates whether it is on or in standby. If I put weight on the top of it the vibrating stops. 


Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to stop it, without making it an ugly sight? 

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RE: Vibrating Onkyo 515 AV - what can I do?

I have an Onkyo 905 which never  vibrates and I have my centre speaker next to it. I have it on some old oak furniture. Is it possible that the buzzing is coming from elsewhere eg. tv? Why not try bluetack under the Onkyo's feet and any other devices and see if it cures the problem. Might be worth checking cables.

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