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Marantz sr6007 vs Denon 3313


i'm looking to upgrade my av reciever,
i currently use a pioneer vsx-920 wich is great for movies but not so for stereo music.
i find the sound a little bit to ''cold'' and not very spacy.
so i was thinking to buy one of these two recievers to drive my Monitor audio rx speaker set (rx6 fronts, rx1 rears end the rx center)
wich would be the better one for both music and video and has a nice full warm sound?
the sr6007 or the vr3313 ???

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RE: Marantz sr6007 vs Denon 3313

Same your Pioneer does have stereo Pre outs on the back, as you could have added a stereo amp to drive the front speakers, which would give you the best of both worlds.

The Marantz and Denon sound is very similar, so I reckon both would be good (but not as good as the idea above).

I suggest setting up a demo session at your local shop to let YOUR ears decide which is best.

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