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Boston Acoustics Soundware XS & Right Amp

I am recently purchased 5.1 Boston Soundwares with 100w per channel

Do I need to have an amp that pumps out around the 100w mark or is it ok to go for say the new onyko which outputs around 160w per channel?

I'm struggling to find the right amp, with good video upscaling, right wattage and the right price.

Any help would be great....

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RE: AV receivers

Wouldn't worry too much about amplifier power if you're reasonably careful with the volume control.  Lots of people say that more speaker damage is caused by having an underpowered amp than an overpowered one, because when you crank up an underpowered amp it can produce 'clipping' distortion which takes out the tweeters.

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RE: Boston Acoustics Soundware XS & Right Amp

I'm using my BA soundware XS 5.1 with a denon 2310 thats kicks out 135w per channel.  No problems at all with this combination, sounds terrific. Deep bass, crisp centre.  I am a strong believer in the imortance of having a decent well powered amp to get the most out of  any speakers.

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RE: Boston Acoustics Soundware XS & Right Amp

We have ours hooked up with a Pioneer VSX-921 and it sounds far too good for the money! A real surprise.

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