Denon set to roll out D-M39DAB micro system in August to replace classic D-M38

Update 13.07.12

Denon has confirmed that its D-M39DAB micro system, the replacement for the Award-winning D-M38DAB, will be available in late August in black or silver, with black speakers.

The main receiver unit will cost £250, with the optional SC-M39 speakers selling for £109. Full details in our story below.

Published 13.06.12

The best-selling Denon D-M38 system is about to be replaced by a new model, the D-M39DAB: on sale in August, it adds digital inputs for iOS devices and TVs, and a complete electronic rework from power supply to disc transport.

Also on the way next month is a new D-F109 component system: based around the DRA-F109 receiver, it will offer buyers the choice of buying with a CD player or a network music player – or indeed both – and like the D-M39, it will be available with or without speakers.

The RCD-M39 receiver at the heart of the D-M39DAB system will sell for £250, and comes with a range of new features, not least of which is a digital connection via the front-panel USB, which can be used for memory devices or iPhones, iPods and iPads.

It also has an optical digital input to the rear, designed to allow the sound from TVs to be run through the system.

The sound has been tuned by Denon's Japanese engineers working with D+M Group staff in Europe, and in particular the UK, and the system has a range of sound-enhancing upgrades.

The internal layout has been changed to give a 'simple and straight' signal flow, there's an enhanced power supply and a speaker optimiser to give the best performance with the new SC-M39 speakers, available as a £109 option.

Even the CD mechanism is new, designed to reduce vibration and mounted lower in the unit to further stabilise it, while the RCD-M39 benefits from what Denon calls its Triple Noise Reduction Design: that simple signal path, separation of digital and analogue circuits right back to the transformer, and precision grounding for the signal circuit.

In addition, the Denon gains extra convenience features, not least of which is its ability to charge iOS devices even when in standby – the system will 'wake up' until the device is charged, then revert to standby when charging is complete.

Joining the D-M39DAB in August is the D-F109 system, comprising the DRA-F109(DAB) receiver, delivering 2x65W and with a digital input for a TV or other digital components, the DCD-F109 CD player and the DNP-F109 network player.

The DNP-F109 supports locally-stored music, internet radio and streaming services, has AirPlay, and uses a new diversity antenna implementation for improved Wi-Fi reception. It can also be controlled using a new Denon Remote App on iOS or Android devices.

You'll be able to buy the receiver and CD player for £480, the receiver and network player for £600, or all three components for £800, with the new SC-F109 speakers available as a £110 option.

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