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Bose Cinemate GSII vs Marantz CR603 ?


Hi all! I'm so glad to find this site since I need a lot of advice!


1. Bose Cinemate GSII vs Marantz CR603, 

Which one will be better for video game and wathcing movie?

I know a lot of people say "Bose is expensive for its price",  Will cr-603+entry level speaker such as Q2010 or Micropod SE and subwoofer make better 2.1ch sound for games and movies?


Here in South Korea, local dealer sells Bose Cinemate GS II at £1000.

Using Amazon.com, I might get a brand new one at £700 including tax.

(Still very expensive but I just like that neat look of it)


Marantz CR-603 + entry level speaker + entry level subwooper(if needed)

can be alternative since it has optical out and is less expensive.

(CR603 is £388)


2. Here In Korea, lots of people buy Qacuostics 2010 for CR603. How do think of it?