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Long coaxial / S-PDIF cable and Supra cables

Hi there,

I'm in need of a 12-15 meters long coaxial / S-PDIF from my Pioneer DJ-mixer output to an analogue Allen & Heath mixer just before the monitors.

Is that a long wiring with this type of cables? I can't afford an really expensive cable as a quality 75ohm cable comes usually with length ranges of just some meters.

I have found only one quality product on these ranges and it is from the swedish manufacturer Supra. This model is Trico: http://www.jenving.se/?p=d_interc

The 15 meters long Trico costs 125€ in Finland without VAT.

Buying from a swedish manufacturer would be great as I can buy it from here, their neighboring country Finland. Yet I haven't found any review of their more quality cables anywhere. There was their cheapest interface cable type AnCo reviewed here though but that isn't so helpful.

I haven't found information on such lengths with S-PDIF as it comes to more quality cables, would anyone have information to contribute here?