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HDMI and HDBaseT Hybrid Matrix

I am going to have 3 x HDMI inputs (BT You View, satellite receiver & Blue Ray player) & 2 x TVs, both some distance from the sources. each TV is in a different room. My research suggests that I need an HDMI and HDBaseT Hybrid Matrix. It is an RJ-45 based system but only requires 1 x Cat6 cable from the matrix to each TV. These units can cost thousands of pounds, which I cannot afford. HD do one (http://www.hdconnectivity.com/hybrid-4x2-hdbaset-matrix.html?gclid=CNeCldCeqb4CFQblwgodVxUAMQ) & Octava are about to bring out a new one (http://www.octavainc.com/4x2-%20HDMI-%20Matrix%20-over-%20CAT6.html) although theirs is expected to be half as much again as the HD one.

The great thing about a matrix is that it allows 1 source to be watched on 1 TV, whilst watching another source on another TV.

Once again I am completely outside my comfort zone. I would welcome any advice going.