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beyerdynamic A1 & T1

A friend has offered me his beyerdynamic A1 amp & T1 headphones's for £1300. I'm currently using apple lossless via optical to a Cyrus 8XPD QX. When I listen to headphones I use my Beyerdynamic DT 880's using the headphone output on the Cyrus. I intend to use the Cyrus 8XPD QX purely as a DAC and power the headphones with the A1 amp. Would the A1 amp and T1 headphones be overkill in this system?

your advice is appreciated as I cannot demo them because there in the Isle of Man. 



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Re: beyerdynamic A1 & T1

Thats quite a deal (kind friend!) and this is a stunning combination. I wouldn't say its overkill - if anything you'll have a cracking headphone amp/headphones combo to update the CD player from.

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RE: beyerdynamic A1 & T1

did you buy the combo and how are you detting on with it?



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