• Fanny Wang 1000 Series
Our Verdict 
Not the most comfortable, detailed or dynamic headphones we've heard
Crisp, controlled bass
Could do with more detail and dynamism
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With potentially the most memorable name in headphones, Fanny Wang has done a good job of getting itself noticed in a crowded marketplace. And the Fanny Wang 1000 design shows exactly the rivals in its sights – Beats by Dre.

Like the Beats line, the 1000s are bass-heavy – but it’s crisper and better controlled, lending them best to any music with a low-end bias.

They do lose detail in the high end, though, and can be somewhat clinical compared to others at this price.

Their design is a little too rigid too, resulting in a strange fit that rests heavily on the top part of your ear – uncomfortable to say the least.

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Fanny Wang 1000 Series
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