• Etymotic mc3
Our Verdict 
Although in some ways ace, the mc3s aren’t balanced enough for five-star glory
Supreme detail and pace
nice build
mic and remote
custom mould compatible
Lacks bass weight and depth
a little bright
bundled buds won’t work for everyone
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The rise of the multimedia phone at the expense of the standard media player has been phenomenal.

It means that these days people are looking for a pair of earphones that not only offer great sound, but also have buttons for controlling music and a mic for making calls. The Etymotic mc3s aim straight for those people.

The problem is, while we have no issues with the phone functions – the three-button control works well and is positioned for maximum clarity through the mic – the sound quality is a more qualified success.Detailed and fast, but lacking in bassFor pace, attack and detail, they’re pretty much untouchable at under £100, and that makes them an exciting listen, but there’s very little bass extension, which makes for an overall balance that’s just too thin and lightweight.

Add a little brightness to the top and that can make for a slightly uncomfortable long-term listen.

Speaking of which, we struggled a bit with the four sets of bundled buds, which need to be inserted a rather long way into the ear canal.

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That’s a very personal thing, though, and many people may find they fit fine – and if not, the mc3s are compatible with Custom Fit earmolds, details of which can be found in the box.

Etymotic is far from the only company releasing products in this market, though, and overall we think you can find a better-balanced sound for this sort of money.

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