A digital TV box is a quick and easy - not to mention affordable - way to boost your TV's powers. But which is the best one for you?

These are the best digital boxes around, letting you do everything from watching and recording digital TV to streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

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Best subscription service

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Best Freeview box

Humax FVP-5000T

Reviewed on 9th October 2017 at

The 5000T builds on a solid run of five-star Humax products. If Freeview is your bag, you can't go wrong with this.

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Best Freesat box
Best YouView box

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Best streaming box

Amazon Fire TV (2015)

Reviewed on 9th October 2015 at

This model of Amazon's streaming TV box is more powerful than ever, handles 4K content, and has Amazon Prime Video, iPlayer, Netflix and more.

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