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You can now save $80 on Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones

Beats headphones remain ever-popular thanks to their sleek designs, Apple tie and unwavering celebrity support. And now that the bass-heavy sound found in the original models has been fine-tuned, and they sport some of the biggest battery lives in the headphone market, we're less against the idea of recommending them to someone who's set on the Beats look - especially when there's a hefty discount to be had.

One of Beats' top-end on-ear headphones, the Beats Solo 3 Wireless are widely available in a range of finishes for around the $240 mark, however you can now bag yourself a matte gold pair for just $159.99 at Best Buy... if you're quick, that is. The also-reduced matte silver pair at $189.99 has, sadly, already sold out.

If you're too late, or matte gold simply isn't your colour, we've found three Beats Solo 3 Wireless deals on other colours elsewhere too...

Beats Solo 3 Wireless ROSE GOLD $179 at Walmart If a remarkable 40-hour battery life, and range and close compatibility with the iPhone interests you, the Solo 3 Wireless are well worth a look.View Deal

Beats Solo 3 Wireless RED $210 at New Egg The red versions are a few dollars more, but that may be worth paying for someone who wants to stand out. View Deal

Beats Solo 3 Wireless SILVER $210 at New Egg Arguably not as flashy but every bit as attractive, the silver variants get our vote.View Deal