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Xbox Series X is Microsoft's next-gen games console and PS5 rival

Xbox Series X is Microsoft's next-gen games console and PS5 rival
(Image credit: Xbox)

Microsoft has taken the wraps off its next-gen games console, due to launch holiday 2020. Formerly known as Project Scarlett, the Xbox Series X promises to be the fastest, most powerful games console ever.

We've been wondering what Project Scarlett would look like ever since it was teased back in June, and now we know. Instead of your traditional rectangular box, Xbox has thrown a slight curveball with a tall, rectangular tower design for the Series X.

It can be positioned vertically or horizontally, but it's telling the press images have the console stood upright, more akin to a gaming PC tower.

There's an internal optical drive with a slot on the front for discs, although there's still no official confirmation whether it will play 4K-Blu-rays or if it will support audio formats such as Dolby Atmos.

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, told Gamespot, "We wanted to have a dramatic upgrade from the Xbox One base console. So when we do the math, we're over eight times the GPU power of the Xbox One, and two times what an Xbox One X is."

Spencer also confirmed the console had been upgraded to use GDDR6 memory inside "to ensure that the memory itself is able to keep up with the CPU, GPU, and the bandwidth requirements".

Loading times is one area that was mentioned during the original Project Scarlett unveil, and Spencer reiterated it was something they were trying "to virtually eliminate" with the new console.

In his interview with Gamespot, Spencer also discussed the new console's new controller. On the face of it, the new one looks quite similar to the existing One X controller, but the Xbox Series X controller will come with a new hybrid d-pad, dedicated share button, improved latency and a handful of aesthetic tweaks (it's slightly smaller than the current controller).

There was no news on pricing or a specific launch date. All we know at the moment is Xbox Series X will launch holiday 2020, at the same time as Sony's rival PS5 console.

We'll be sure to bring you more information on the Xbox Series X and how it stacks up against its Sony rival over the coming weeks and months.


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