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#WHFsystems: Readers' systems round-up, January 2015

If you're following What Hi-Fi? on Twitter or Facebook - and if you're not, we hope you have a very good excuse - then you should hopefully be familiar with the idea that we like seeing pictures of your hi-fi and home cinema systems. And so do you, judging by the response.

How does it work? Post a picture of your system using the #WHFsystems hashtag on Twitter and we will retweet it on theWhat Hi-Fi? account. Across Twitter and Facebook we've seen a whole host of pictures over the last 12 months or so. And of course we want you to keep them coming.

There was plenty of action this month, so we've rounded-up all the system pictures over on our Storify account: see all the January systems here.

You can see the back catalogue over there, too (though some Storify gremlins have stripped-out some of the old pictures, sadly).

Want to get involved? Tweet a picture of your system using #WHFsystems hashtag and we will retweet it on the What Hi-Fi? account and include it in our next round-up. You can get involved on Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, too - just use the hashtag and tag our relevant page.