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UPDATE: Google Nexus Q streamer launch delayed

Google Nexus Q

Update 01.08.12

Google has announced that the Nexus Q's release date – initially scheduled for July – has been postponed as the company goes back to the drawing board.

But to keep pre-order customers of the smart TV streamer sweet Google is giving them a free model when it does arrive. Not bad considering it was originally US$300 (£190).

In Google’s e-mail sent out to pre-order customers, it notes that user feedback was great when it came to internal hardware and design, but that users want more functionality from the device.

So let's hope it’ll be a fairly quick fix with mainly software-focused changes.

Published 27.06.12

Wondering what this odd-looking device is? Well it's the the Google Nexus Q, the first product Google's ever made on its own.

It will let you stream anything from the cloud’s vast repository of entertainment via your computer, phone or tablet to a pair of speakers and/or a TV.

The black orb contains an “audiophile grade” amplifier that’ll drive a pair of speakers, or you can feed out via optical or HDMI connections to your existing hi-fi and TV. The top half doubles as a swivel volume control (or you can tap it to mute) while a band of LEDs glow in time to the music.

The Nexus Q is only available in the US to begin with, where it costs $300, but we’ll let you know as soon as there's a chance of it arriving in the UK.

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