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Sky+ iPad app is now a remote control

Sky has released an update to its Sky+ iPad app allowing you to use the app as a remote control.

The update gives you complete control of your Sky+ box on your iPad, allowing you to view the EPG and manage and delete recordings without interrupting the picture on the screen.

Trailed at the start of the year and confirmed last month, you'll also be able to change channels, pause, play and rewind TV using the updated Sky+ iPad app.

The TV Guide has also been given a new look, with new genre tabs, improved search and navigation and an emphasis on a more intuitive user experience.

You will need to connect your Sky box to your internet connection - and have the new look Sky Guide on the box – while also having the iPad on the same network.

If you have multiple boxes in your home, we're reliably informed that you can switch between boxes, too, making for a nice multiroom Sky remote.

Further enhancements are planned for later in the year, including second screen viewing on the iPad app and the integration of social TV service Zeebox.

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