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MQA confirms Sony Music and Merlin as hi-res audio partners

MQA has been something of a slow-burner but is now making its mark on the streaming music industry.

The technology enables hi-res audio files to be packaged in smaller sizes, ideal for streaming services, and has enabled Tidal to add hi-res streams in the form of Tidal Masters.

And now Sony Music and independent label specialist Merlin have been confirmed as partners, agreeing to make their music available in MQA audio.

The multi-year Merlin deal promises to help some of the world’s best-known independent labels encode their master recordings in MQA, while Sony Music has also been confirmed as an MQA partner, joining big-label rivals, Universal and Warner Music.

The long and the short? Expect to see more MQA-encoded hi-res music coming to Tidal in the near future.

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