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Logitech launches Z906 THX-certified speaker system

Logitech Z906 THX-certified 5.1 speaker system

Logitech has announced a new THX-certified 5.1 speaker system, the Z906.

Yours for £329, the system is aimed at gamers first and foremost, with digital optical and digital coaxial inputs for Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks.

There is also a six-channel audio input, plus RCA and 3.5mm audio connections.

There's decoding on board for both DD and DTS, with the speakers capable of delivering up to 500 watts of power despite being small enough to be wall-mountable.

Completing the package is a ported, side-firing subwoofer, and a wireless remote control.

Head to the Logitech website for more information on the THX-certified Z906 5.1 speaker system.

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