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Dolby Vision coming to 2017 Sony TVs early next year

It's taken the best part of a year. But Dolby Vision is finally due on Sony’s top-tier 2017 models "mid- to late January 2018" - we reported Sony's announcement of an imminent announcement last month, and now has put a firm(ish) date on it.

The models receiving the update will be those in Sony’s top 2017 ranges: the A1, XE93, XE94 and ZD9.

The news should please frustrated owners of those TVs, who will have had good reason to expect the Vision implementation months ago.

The HDR format - a rival to HDR10 and Samsung's HDR10+ - has been rolled out across several product types this year, including TVs, Blu-ray players and smartphones, with Samsung and Panasonic the only 'top' TV brands currently opting out.


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