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Chord Company launches RumourX and ShawlineX speaker cables

Chord Company’s high-end SignatureXL speaker cable (£900 for a 1.5m factory-terminated pair) was the first Chord product to feature dielectric XLPE (cross-linked Polyethylene), which the company claims has superior phase properties to the PTFE dielectric used in the previous variants. 

Now, the technology has trickled down to Chord's Rumour and Shawline speaker cables.

The new RumourX (pictured top) and ShawlineX – which replace the existing Rumour and Shawline versions, and are available now – brings XLPE down to £18 per metre and £30 per metre, respectively.

The RumourX is based upon silver-plated OFC conductors in a twisted-pair configuration with a PVC outer jacket, while, according to Chord Company, the ShawlineX justifies its premium over RumourX with an upgraded conductor layout and shielding that allegedly reduces mechanical noise. It’s also finished with a 93 per cent coverage metal braid and translucent PVC outer jacket.

Both speaker cables are also supplied with Chord’s new ChordOhmic speaker plugs, designed to bring both the electrical and sonic benefits of silver to speaker cables.

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