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Behold the Beacon, Roberts Radio's first Bluetooth speaker

Behold the Roberts Beacon, the firm's first Bluetooth speaker
(Image credit: Roberts)

Iconic radio manufacturer Roberts Radio has launched its first Bluetooth speaker – better late than never, eh? The Beacon maintains the retro styling that has made Roberts radios so recognisable, but like the firm's radios it boasts thoroughly modern technology.

Inside are multi-directional dual bass radiators that help spread the sound out to every corner of the room. It also uses a specially selected speaker cloth made in Yorkshire for, Roberts says, optimal acoustic transparency.

There are two variants – the Beacon 330 and 320 – both of which connect to devices over Bluetooth or via their aux input.

(Image credit: Roberts)

The former is the higher-end of the two and, unlike the 320, can be wirelessly paired with another 330 to create stereo sound. Also separating itself from the 320 is its adjustable EQ and bass boost function, quick charging technology, a USB socket for charging other devices, the ability to simultaneously connect more than one Bluetooth device, and a longer battery life (15 hours compared to 12 hours).

They come in differing colour options, too. The 320 is available in Charcoal Grey, Sunburst Yellow, Teal Blue, Midnight Blue and Dusky Pink, while the 330 comes in Pastel Cream, Duck Egg, Carbon Black or Berry Red. 

Naturally, they have different price tags as well. The 320 costs £149 (about AU$275), while the 330 is £199 (about AU$365). But with Black Friday and Cyber Monday hoving into view, you never know, you could soon find a deal on them.


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