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Best TV deals UK 2021: 4K, QLED, HDR, OLED

Looking for the best deal on a new TV? You're in the right place!

We've scoured the web to find you the very best TV deals around, and only on the best sets from our comprehensive reviews back catalogue. There are all sorts here, from massive TVs with the latest smart TV tech, to more basic models that are a little easier on the wallet. But no matter what type, they all excel at what they do.

Most of the TVs you'll find below are new, 2021 models that have already been significantly discounted. The odd 2020 model is still available, too, with rip-roaring deals to be had if you're quick – check out the price of the 48-inch LG CX, for example.

Expect many more TVs to appear on this page in the coming weeks. Not only will more of the new 2021 sets be getting the usual price decreases, but we've also got Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the horizon. It's not always a good idea to wait, though, as some prices won't be beaten even during Black Friday. Ultimately, if you spot the perfect TV at a great price, it's generally best to pounce.

43-inch TV deals

Samsung UE43AU7100

Samsung UE43AU7100 2021 43-inch TV £499 £429 at John Lewis
Simply put, this is the best 43-inch TV we've tested this year. It boasts a surprisingly mature and consistent picture performance and the full, excellent Samsung smart platform, which gives access to more or less every streaming service under the sun.

48-inch TV deals


LG OLED48CX 48-inch OLED TV £1499 £989 at Hughes
It took a while, but the trailblazing 48-inch version of the excellent LG CX is now available with a big discount. This was the first 48-inch OLED TV to appear and, while second-gen models are now available, the CX is still great and is much cheaper thanks to this deal.

50-inch TV deals

Samsung QE50QN90A

Samsung QE50QN90A 2021 Neo QLED TV £1799 £999 at Currys
Samsung's new, Mini LED-based Neo QLED TV is available as a relatively compact, 50-inch model – and it's seen massive discounts since launch. We've not tested it yet, but expect a very bright and punchy picture, plus lots of smart features and next-gen gaming specs.

55-inch TV deals


LG OLED55C1 2021 OLED TV £1699 £1299 at John Lewis
The latest C-series OLED from LG is everything you'd expect – an all-round picture performer with every next-gen gaming feature you could hope for. It's got the catch-up apps that were missing from the CX, too. A brilliant TV, particularly at this price.

Sony XR-55A80J

Sony XR-55A80J 2021 OLED TV £1899 £1499 at John Lewis
Sony's awesome A80J OLED TV launched at £1899, was down to £1699 when we reviewed it (and gave it 5 stars) and can now be bought for even less than that. An absolutely brilliant TV that majors on authenticity.

Samsung UE55TU8000

Samsung UE55TU8000 55-inch 4K TV £699 £549 at Peter Tyson
The 55-inch TU8000 launched at £699, received a five-star verdict from us when we reviewed it at £599, and is now available for just £549. It has actually been as low as £499, but those super-cheap deals are now gone and it's still a great buy at £549.

Sony KD-55A8

Sony KD-55A8 55-inch OLED TV £1999 £1199 at Argos
Sony's top 2020 OLED is one of its best TVs yet. It majors on realism and authenticity, all without sacrificing punch and vibrancy. It sounds very good by prevailing standards, too, and boasts a smart, subtle design. Gamers looking to the next generation of consoles should pause to consider the lack of some HDMI features, but the A8 is otherwise an excellent all-rounder that will be a pleasure to own.

65-inch TV deals


LG OLED65C1 2021 OLED TV £2499 £1899 Amazon
The latest C-series OLED from LG is everything you'd expect – an all-round picture performer with every next-gen gaming feature you could hope for. It's got the catch-up apps that were missing from the CX, too. A brilliant TV, particularly at this price.


LG OLED65G1 2021 Evo OLED TV £2999 £2499 at John Lewis
The G1 is LG's new Evo OLED, which takes the excellent performance and feature set of the C1 (above) and adds even more punch to images. It's got a lovely design that's specifically for wall-mounting, too (you'll need to budget extra for feet or a stand if it's not going on the wall).

Samsung QE65QN95A

Samsung QE65QN95A 2021 QLED TV £2999 £2079 at John Lewis
Samsung's 2021 flagship 4K 'Neo QLED' TV has already dropped massively in price. This is a superb television with a super-punchy mini LED backlight and a One Connect box with four HDMI 2.1 sockets. An excellent buy.

Panasonic TX-65GZ2000B

Panasonic TX-65GZ2000B OLED TV £4295 £2661 at AV Online
This is probably the very best TV that we tested in 2019 and it's still a great buy now thanks to the significant price drop. Not only does it boast an exemplary OLED picture, it's got a speaker system with genuine up-firing drivers for Dolby Atmos sound.

Sony KD-65AG9

Sony KD-65AG9 65in OLED TV £3999 £2099 at
Sony's 2019 Master Series OLED majors on picture authenticity and has one of the best sound solutions of any current TV - hidden actuators vibrate the whole screen to make an excellent sound that matches the on-screen action perfectly. It's a pricey TV compared to many above, but it is £2000 more affordable than the original asking price.

75-inch TV deals

Samsung QE75QN900A

Samsung QE75QN900A 8K QLED TV £6999 £5999 at Sevenoaks
Samsung's flagship TV for 2021 combines Mini LED backlighting and an 8K resolution to create an exceptionally punchy, exceptionally sharp TV that doesn't require native 8K content in order to shine. And just look at that huge saving...

Samsung QE75Q60T

Samsung QE75Q60T 75-inch QLED TV £2299 £1099 at PRC Direct
If you want to go massive without spending a fortune, the Q60T looks like an excellent option. It's a 4K QLED, so should be sharp, bright and vibrant, and it boasts the best, most app-packed operating system in the business.


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