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The best iPhone 11 Pro deals - September 2020

The best iPhone 11 Pro deals - September 2020
(Image credit: Apple)

The iPhone 11 Pro is an absolute powerhouse of a phone. If you want to enjoy movies and music on the go, its big screen and powerful processor make it a great choice. And photographers, pros and amateurs alike, will love its outstanding triple-lens camera.

There's only one problem: it's not cheap. Thankfully, we've rounded up this month's best iPhone 11 Pro deals so you can bag a bargain and save some cash.

The main selling point is the 11 Pro's camera, or rather, cameras. Turn it around and you can't miss them – there are three rear lenses (one more than the iPhone 11) to handle your snapping needs, plus a front-facer for selfies and video calls.

The ultra-wide-angle lens gives some fantastic group and panorama shots and is a cinch to use (it suggests when to switch for better results). Portrait mode is now better than ever (think blurred backgrounds), and the zoom lens brings you close to your subject.

It's an eminently capable camera, but Apple has managed to make it usable to non-photographers who just want to point and shoot with the minimum amount of fuss. That's quite some achievement.

iPhone 11 Pro 64GB | Unlimited data | £64pm | £29.99 upfront
EE is offering one of the cheapest 'upfront' deals around. Just £30 upfront (then £64 per month for 24 months) gets you an iPhone 11 Pro with unlimited data, a free 6 months BritBox subscription and a free 3 months BT Sport subscription.

View Deal

iPhone 11 Pro 64GB | 100GB data | £52pm | £0 upfront
Pay nothing upfront and get an iPhone 11 Pro with 100GB of data per month and unlimited UK calls and texts. Even better, you get one year's Apple TV+ subscription for free! A superb deal.View Deal

But there's a lot more to the 11 Pro than just a nice camera. The screen is a particular highlight.

At 5.8in, it's actually smaller than the cheaper and lower-specced iPhone 11. But, crucially, it's an OLED panel, giving more accurate colours and better skin tones. Dark detail is plentiful, and because it's OLED it can go to absolute black when needed, not the washed-out greys of an LCD.

Motion is buttery smooth, managing to be both judder- and blur-free without resorting to any over-processing.

iPhone 11 Pro 64GB | 100GB data | £49pm | £79 upfront
If you can find the £79 upfront fee, this is another fantastic 11 Pro deal from Three. The monthly payments are £49, which is much more manageable than a lot of contracts and gets you 100GB of data plus unlimited texts and worldwide roaming.

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As for the audio performance, it's as entertaining as ever, but with added subtlety and sophistication. Low-level dynamics have more drama, while tonally there's a lightness of touch that keeps things sounding fresh.

In short, it's an awesome phone, and if you're an ardent photographer and/or movie fan, it more than justifies the extra outlay. All you need is to pick the best iPhone 11 Pro deal for you.


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