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Audioquest Forest USB 1.5 review

If you got a budget laptop and want to add a budget DAC the Audioquest Forest USB is ideal for connecting them Tested at £25.00

Our Verdict

Got a budget laptop and a budget DAC? This budget cable is ideal for connecting them


  • Detail levels are improved
  • greater precision and punch over bundled cables


  • Wireworld Starlight

Many a hi-fi fan is cottoning-on to the idea that by adding a DAC to a computer they can create an extremely capable and flexible music source.

However, as with all areas of home entertainment, you need decent cables to get the most of your electronics.

The AudioQuest Forest is very affordable by standalone cable standards, and it offers all-round improvements over bundled cables.

Detail levels are markedly improved, there's greater precision and punch, and a general upgrade in musical expressiveness.

In fact, the only thing that holds the AudioQuest back from five stars is the existence of Wireworld's Starlight, which, while double the price, is also a significantly better performer.

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