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Wireworld Starlight 6 review

It's hard to fault a cable that has as many plus points as the Starlight 6, especially at this competitive price

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

At this price, and with these plus points, it's a steal


  • High-frequency capability, great energy, great muscle, spacious sound


  • Nothing of note at this price

Now here's a company on a roll.

Hot on the heels of a belting review for its Ultraviolet 5/2 USB cable (August 2009), Wireworld has pulled off another cracker with the Starlight 6.

It's an intriguing design, but it sounds great, providing the energy to outmuscle its Chord and QED rivals, plus the high-frequency polish and spaciousness to comprehensively eclipse them. At the price, it's something of a steal.