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If you’re tempted by the Microsoft Surface, the VivoTab is a very convincing Windows 8 rival
Full Windows 8
Accurate picture and sound
Lots of storage capacity
Creaky build
Basic keyboard
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Looking to bring the success of the Transformer series to Windows 8 is the VivoTab ME400. This Asus tab has a 16:9 HD screen, 64GB of storage and an optional Surface-style, magnetic “TranSleeve” keyboard cover.

Asus VivoTab ME400 review: Features

It’s a full-fat Windows slate with the Intel guts needed to run proper programs fairly well, but the split OS (there’s a tablet-style skin and a regular desktop interface) can be irritating sometimes. To-ing and fro-ing between modes is quick, though, and the Start button is reassuring.

Asus VivoTab ME400

We had high hopes for the display and while the HD isn’t of the Full variety, it’s still bright and renders skin-tones and colours more accurately than rivals such as the Acer Iconia W510. Motion is handled well and viewing angles are superb, too.

There’s just the single speaker round the back of the VivoTab, so it might not come as a surprise the sound is more convincing with a pair of cans involved – it’s a much more relaxed, natural sound than the Acer, which is good over long listening sessions.

Asus VivoTab ME400 review: Verdict

Light and easy to hold with comfortable curved edges, the VivoTab doesn’t match the Microsoft Surface for build quality, but otherwise it offers more storage and the full version of the Windows OS for the same price. Add its excellent music and movie skills and the VivoTab looks like a pretty good deal.

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