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Altec Lansing inMotion Compact review

This iPod docking system is certainly a nice looking and interesting design, but the sound needs weight for it to really shine Tested at £60.00

Our Verdict

This portable dock will serve a purpose – it’s a shame it doesn’t sound better


  • Looks the part
  • aux input
  • mains or battery powered
  • integrated carry case


  • Lacklustre, lightweight sound
  • flimsy stand

Altec Lansing products are often a bit different from the norm, and the same is true with the company's new iPod dock system.

The unique inMotion Compact (or iMT320) comes enclosed in an integrated case-cum-stand.

Fold the case back under the main unit to make the stand upon which the dock rests. It makes for an interesting and nice-looking design, although if you're not careful the dock will fall over as you prod at your iPod's controls.

There are volume and power buttons atop the unit and an auxiliary input at the back, which is also where you'll find room for four AA batteries and a connection for a standard mains cable.

Sonically lightweight
When it comes to sound, the iMT320 lacks substance. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind sounds lightweight and tinny, while it struggles to deliver the necessary dynamism or detail with Yeasayer's I Remember.

The iMT320 may be only £60, and if you want a portable dock the case and power options are handy, but to recommend it fully, we'd like a more refined sound.

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