Our Verdict 
Dedicated hi-fi racks will perform better, but this is a neat all-in-one solution for your AV and hi-fi kit
Taut rhythms
Plenty of bite in top end
Good build and neat storage
Not very capable for sound performance
Too brash and sharp
Needs warmth and punch
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Alphason’s new range is designed for soundbases to take pride of place on the dedicated and fitted top shelf of the unit, under your TV.


Avoid tightening the screws until the very end – once they’re in, they’re near-impossible to loosen

Four lower compartments hold the rest of your AV and hi-fi kit, with cable slots on each of the shelves.

The 1350mm wide rack – which also comes in a smaller 1100mm version – is large enough to fit a 60in TV and it’s made up of a steel, glass and wood veneer, so has plenty of heft.

The rack looks good and is a very tidy set-up for those wishing to keep their kit in one place. Once housed on the rack, our reference hi-fi system sounds taut, bold and full of bite, with plenty of treble – but the drums hit with too much impact, and it veers on the brash side of exciting.

A little subtlety and warmth is missing here. When we place a soundbase in the Alphason, the sound is rather muffled and boomy.

We move the unit to the top of the rack, but it doesn’t improve things much.

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The Alphason is a neat all-in-one solution, but you will want a dedicated hi-fi rack for the best sound performance.

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