How to watch House Of The Dragon from anywhere online – fiery Game Of Thrones spin-off, episode 10

Watch House of the Dragon on HBO Max online – Game of Thrones spin-off
(Image credit: HBO)

House Of The Dragon – the big budget Game Of Thrones spin-off starring Matt Smith and Emma D'Arcy – concludes this Sunday on HBO Max at 9pm ET/PT. You can also watch the show on Sundays at the same time in Canada on Crave. If you can stand to wait until Mondays, then you'll find the House Of The Dragon finale available on Sky in the UK too. Read on for the instructions below on how to watch House Of The Dragon on HBO Max and other services wherever you are, with episode 10 out this week.

How to watch House Of The Dragon

US/Canada air times: Sundays, 9pm ET/PT

UK air times: Mondays, 9pm BST

What channel: HBO / HBO Max (US) | Sky / Now (UK)

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Final episode airs: 23rd/24th October 2022

Based on George R.R. Martin’s 736-page epic Fire & Blood, House Of The Dragon, which is set 200 years before the events of Game Of Thrones, tells the story of House Targaryen. "It's a story about very flawed human beings, capable of doing good things, capable of doing monstrous things," says Martin. "These are the kind of characters I love the most." Season 1 consists of ten one-hour episodes, each made on a budget of $20 million.

Prepare for some serious succession drama as Prince Daemon Targaryen (The Crown's Matt Smith) battles Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (newcomer Emma D'Arcy) for the Iron Throne and its power over the Seven Kingdoms. The all-star cast of House Of The Dragon also features Paddy Considine (The Outsider) as King Viserys I, Rhys Ifans as Otto Hightower and Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower.

Episode 10 of House Of The Dragon – the season finale – lands on HBO Max at 9pm ET (2am BST) on Sunday 23rd October 2022. Make sure you know how to sign up to HBO Max to watch House Of The Dragon wherever you are.

House Of The Dragon season 1 episode guide & air dates 

  • Ep. 1 (The Heirs of the Dragon) – Sunday, 21st August 2022 
  • Ep. 2 (The Rogue Prince) – Sunday, 28th August 2022
  • Ep. 3 (Second of His Name) – Sunday, 4th September 2022
  • Ep. 4 (King of the Narrow Sea) – Sunday, 11th September 2022
  • Ep. 5 (We Light the Way) – Sunday, 18th September 2022
  • Ep. 6 (The Princess and the Queen) – Sunday, 25th September 2022
  • Ep. 7 (Driftmark) – Sunday, 2nd October 2022
  • Ep. 8 (The Lord of the Tides) – Sunday, 9th October 2022
  • Ep. 9 (The Green Council) – Sunday, 16th October 2022
  • Ep. 10 (The Black Queen) – Sunday, 23rd October 2022

How to watch House Of The Dragon on HBO Max from outside the US

Watch House of the Dragon on HBO Max online – Game of Thrones spin-off

(Image credit: HBO)

Although HBO Max is only available in the US, it's relatively simple to access the service from outside the US using a reliable VPN or "Virtual Private Network" allowing you to watch House Of The Dragon on your laptop, smart TV, set-top box or streaming stick.

Using a VPN is incredibly simple.

1. Install the VPN of your choice. ExpressVPN is the one we recommend.

2. Open up the VPN app and choose the location of the service you wish to access. For HBO Max, you may wish to choose 'US'.

3. Then head over to HBO Max on your browser or device and enjoy watching House Of The Dragon online.

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Do I need a US credit card for HBO Max?

How to watch HBO Max in the UK

(Image credit: HBO)

If you don't have a credit card issued in the US the best option is to use PayPal or subscribe on your iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet. 

How to sign up to HBO Max without a US credit card:

1. Launch your chosen VPN and select US as your country 

2. Create a new Apple ID/Google account remembering to pick US as your country. (Apple users can use a UK phone number but should head to the Apple ID website to sign up, rather than using an app on their device). 

3. Use your new Apple ID/Google account to access the US Apple App Store or US Google Play Store and download the HBO Max app.

4. Subscribe to HBO Max through the HBO Max app, using PayPal (this can be a UK account) as your method of payment.

5. Bingo! You should now be able to sign in to your HBO Max account from any device.  

Fun fact: you can use this method to subscribe to other US streaming services, including Hulu and Peacock TV, as well as the (cheaper) US versions of Disney+ and Netflix.

Do remember that if you can't get this working, you can always get your money back from ExpressVPN within 30 days if you've changed your mind about using their VPN service.

Can I watch House Of The Dragon in the UK?

Yes. House Of The Dragon airs on Sky and Now on Mondays at 9pm – the day after it airs on HBO in the US. Episodes air on Sky Atlantic. Episode 10 airs on Monday 24th October in the UK. 

Don't forget: UK nationals travelling in the US right now can watch HBO Max from abroad with a VPN. Instructions above.

House Of The Dragon official trailer 

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India: Watch House Of The Dragon

While HBO and Sky will take care of broadcasting House Of The Dragon in most territories, there are other broadcasters for the series in Australia and New Zealand.


Binge is the streaming service to sign up to in Australia to watch House Of The Dragon. Binge starts at $10 per month for the SD version but you can go HD for $18. All episodes air on Mondays.

New Zealand

You can watch House Of The Dragon on the Neon streaming service in New Zealand. It's $17.99/month for the HD version (or $12.99 for SD) but there's a there's a 7-day free trial to enjoy before you need to pay to continue.


In Canada, you can watch House Of The Dragon on the Crave streaming service. It's $19.99 per month and the show airs at 9pm ET/PT each Sunday, just like in the States.


House Of The Dragon airs on Disney+ Hotstar in India.

House Of The Dragon cast & characters 

Milly Alcock as Young Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of Dragons episode 2

(Image credit: HBO Max)

Prince Daemon Targaryen - MATT SMITH
The younger brother to King Viserys, and peerless warrior and dragonrider, Daemon possesses the true blood of the dragon. But it is said that whenever a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin in the air…

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen – EMMA D’ARCY
The king’s first-born child. She is of pure Valyrian blood, and she is a dragonrider. Many would say that Rhaenyra was born with everything… but she was not born a man.

King Viserys Targaryen - PADDY CONSIDINE
Viserys was chosen by the lords of Westeros to succeed the Old King, Jaehaerys Targaryen, at the Great Council at Harrenhal. A warm, kind, and decent man, Viserys only wishes to carry forward his grandfather’s legacy, but as we’ve learned from Game of Thrones, good men do not necessarily make for great kings.

Otto Hightower - RHYS IFANS
The Hand of the King, Ser Otto loyally and faithfully serves both his king and his realm. As the Hand sees it, the greatest threat to the realm is the king's brother, Daemon, and his position as heir to the throne.

Alicent Hightower - OLIVIA COOKE
She’s the daughter of Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King, and the most comely woman in the Seven Kingdoms. She was raised in the Red Keep, close to the king and his innermost circle; she possesses both a courtly grace and a keen political acumen.

Lord Corlys Velaryon, "The Sea Snake" - STEVE TOUSSAINT
The lord of House Velaryon, a Valyrian bloodline as old as House Targaryen. As “The Sea Snake,” the most famed nautical adventurer in the history of Westeros, Lord Corlys built his house into a powerful seat that is even richer than the Lannisters and that claims the largest navy in the world.

Princess Rhaenys Targaryen - EVE BEST
A dragonrider and wife to Lord Corlys Velaryon, "The Queen Who Never Was" was passed over as heir to the throne at the Great Council because the realm favored her cousin, Viserys, simply for being male.

Ser Criston Cole - FABIEN FRANKEL
Of Dornish descent, Ser Criston is the common-born son of the steward to the Lord of Blackhaven. He has no claim to land or titles; all he has to his name is his honor and his preternatural skill with a sword.

She came to Westeros with nothing, sold more times than she can recall, and she could have wilted... but instead she rose to become the most trusted – and most unlikely – ally of Prince Daemon Targaryen, the heir to the throne.

ADDITIONAL CAST (in alphabetical order):

Young Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock)
She's the king’s first-born child, of pure Valyrian blood, and she is a dragonrider. Many would say that Rhaenyra was born with everything… but she was not born a man.

Baela Targaryen (Bethany Antonia)
The eldest daughter of Laena Velaryon and rider of the young dragon Moondancer.

Rhaena Targaryen (Phoebe Campbell)
The second daughter of Lady Laena and sister to Baela.

Young Alicent Hightower (Emily Carey)
The daughter of Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King, and the most comely woman in the Seven Kingdoms. Alicent was raised in the Red Keep, close to the king and his innermost circle; she possesses both a courtly grace and a keen political acumen.

Jacaerys Velaryon (Harry Collett)
The eldest son of Rhaenyra Targaryen. 

Ser Harwin ‘Breakbones’ Strong (Ryan Corr)
'Breakbones', Harwin is said to be the strongest man in the Seven Kingdoms. Ser Harwin is the eldest son to Master of Laws Lyonel Strong and heir to Harrenhal. 

Aegon Targaryen (Tom Glynn-Carney)
The first-born son of King Viserys.

Tyland Lannister (Jefferson Hall)
A crafty and calculating politician, twin to Lord Jason Lannister. 

Lord Jason Lannister (Jefferson Hall)
The Lord of Casterly Rock and twin to Ser Tyland Lannister. 

 Grand Maester Mellos (David Horovitch)
A voice of reason and trusted advisor to King Viserys.

Ser Vaemond Velaryon (Wil Johnson)
The younger brother to Corlys Velaryon and commander in the Velaryon navy.

Ser Laenor Velaryon (John Macmillan and Theo Nate)
The son of Corlys Velaryon and Rhaenys Targaryen. 

Ser Harrold Westerling (Graham McTavish)
Ser Harrold has served in the Kingsguard since the days of King Jaehaerys; he is a paragon of chivalry and honour.

Aemond Targaryen (Ewan Mitchell)
The second-born son of Viserys, nephew to Daemon, and half-brother to Rhaenyra.

Larys Strong (Matthew Needham)
The younger son of Master of Laws Lyonel Strong, brought to court by his father. 

Lord Lyman Beesbury (Bill Paterson)
Lord of Honeyholt and Master of Coin on King Viserys's small council.  

Helaena Targaryen (Phia Saban)
The second-born daughter of Viserys, sister to Aegon and Aemond, half-sister to Rhaenyra.

Lord Lyonel Strong (Gavin Spokes)
Master of Laws to King Viserys and Lord of Harrenhal.   

Lady Laena Velaryon (Savannah Steyn)
The daughter of Corlys Velaryon and Rhaenys Targaryen.

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