Music servers/clients


£ 700

We've always been big fans of the Sonos multiroom music system, and this revised version has double the wireless range, and other improvements too

£ 289

Great value wireless network music player from the Logitech/Slim Devices alliance

£ 240

As a recorder, it struggles by not having its own tuner; as a media streamer, it’s let down by a low resolution

£ 700

This double Award winner remains the most simple, flexible and affordable way of adding wireless, multiroom music to your home

£ 97

An easy, effective way of wirelessly streaming music to Audioengine active speakers.

£ 170

A desirable wireless approach which doesn't fully deliver

£ 130

Aims to be the missing link between your TV, Apple Mac and iPod

£ 200

A solid, easy to set up network player that will stream HD video and iTunes music

£ 100

This media streamer is hampered by lack of an HDMI connection, and limited format support

£ 700

Promises much - CD player; FM radio; hard-disk music server; wireless distribution – but falls down on sonic performance