Music servers/clients


£ 1000

This versatile all-in-one solution has plenty of features to root for, but sound quality isn’t one of them

£ 150

Making music streaming possible at a much lower price than ever before, this handy little device boasts a decent sound and good features

£ 5000

The Lumin is a fine player that leads the field in terms of file compatibility

£ 600

Overall this is a terrific streaming system. It’s more than good enough to give Marantz’s Melody Media M-CR610 a real fright when it comes to sound

£ 2000

Sony’s ventured into high-definition audio territory with impressive results - the HAP-Z1ES is a smartly designed, superb sounding piece of kit

£ 3000

A strong style statement from Cyrus and an even stronger sonic performance makes the Lyric 09 a must-audition. It’s a superb system

£ 1150

Best music system £800-£1500, Awards 2013. An authentic hi-fi streamer, and a pretty compelling way to spend £1150

£ 850

The Stream 3 is almost there. The hardware is great; the app needs development

£ 350

A network player with a focus on radio, this Sansui isn't quite the finished article

£ 12620

This is quite simply the best network music player we've ever heard