Hi-fi amplifiers


£ 1700

This Denon amp has a sound to match its gorgeously imposing bulk, but it's no all-rounder

£ 3500

Best stereo amplifier £2000+, Awards 2010. Leema's original Tucana was a great amp, the new, subtly tweaked Mk II version makes a great design even be

£ 1250

It might not have the DAC of the 8XPd, but we love this integrated amplifier for its accomplished sonic delivery

£ 350

Onkyo must be applauded for taking the plunge into affordable digital amps, but the A-5VL is beaten by the best analogue alternatives

£ 300

Excellent amplifier and a worthy Award winner still

£ 1345

The PI-1 from Electrocompaniet is a musically involving amplier, but lacks the sparkle of top rivals

£ 850

The Nait 5i is more than just a great introduction to the Naim brand; it’s an extremely musical amplifier

£ 925

Stereo amplifier Product of the Year, Awards 2010. Look beyond the outdated looks – the 6XP's controlled sound makes this a serious player

£ 750

Marantz's PM8003 may have been out a while, but this is our first chance to have a look at this stylish and well-built amplifier

£ 700

In the RA-1520, Rotel has produced an amplifer that can enter the lion's den of competition and easily take on the best