CD players


£ 700

Arcam's FMJ CD17 is a CD player of many talents, namely detail and finesse but it's slightly lacking in excitement

£ 925

This stunning player from Cyrus has a gorgeous sonic character all of its own

£ 600

This DAC/transport combo is competitively priced, but struggles to impress

£ 1450

The Caspian M-Series 1 CD is now discontinued.

£ 900

This French-built CD player delivers an exciting, dynamic sound but the treble can sound bright and build quality is a tad flimsy

£ 1400

Creek has improved the build quality of its latest CD player, and it's a smooth performer, but we'd like more excitement and attack

£ 1270

Speedy, insightful delivery, but this CD player is let down by lacklustre bass and can lose its cool during tricky musical passages

£ 2550

The Bryston makes a strong case with both its ability to involve the listener and its versatility with music

£ 1600

What the CD-1 lacks in subtlety, it more than makes up for in power and drive. This is a bold-sounding player

£ 4101

This Plinius CD player/amplifier is pretty much unbeatable for the money. Dynamic, punchy and enthusiastic – this gets to the heart of the music