£ 250

These are good noise cancelling headphones, but sound quality could be a lot better for the money

£ 280

No marketing gimmickry at work here. These are serious cans – seriously good, that is

£ 37

Although the bass lacks true authority, they deliver clear and detailed vocals and decent dynamism

£ 25

Good fitting headphones for the gym. As for the sound, the bottom-end is nicely taut and punchy and they're dynamic and detailed

£ 24

Anyone can achieve a good fit with these comfortable headphones. They sound good in action, too

£ 37

Comfortable, the buds sit snugly in your ear. Sound is weighty and solid with a real sense of spaciousness

£ 20

They won't fall off when you jog, but because of the position of the buds the sound is a little vague and woolly

£ 15

Poor in-ear headphones aimed at the sporty market

£ 80

It’s a competitive market and there are simply better options available

£ 250

If you're a commuter who values their music, you have to give these a try