What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Mon, 21 Mar 2011, 12:50pm

Nocs NS200

Tested at £45

Despite some minor quibbles these Swedish buds are a great listen

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  • Full-bodied and weighty sound, space and accuracy, good value for money


  • Need some more detail, bass should be tauter

With the matte finish and basic, rounded design, the Nocs are unassuming.

They’re light and comfy, too, which makes it easy to forget you’re wearing them – a rare compliment in the world of in-ears.

Perhaps most surprising, given that understated design, is that they’re close to excellence, at least for the very reasonable price tag.

What the NS200s offer is a weighty, full-bodied delivery that’s full of energy and enthusiasm and free of harshness.

There’s space to the soundstage and a degree of accurate placement to individual sounds when tracks require it (think along the lines of Hans Zimmer’s Inception OST), which is very impressive for a pair of in-ears at this sort of money.

They aren’t astonishingly detailed, and we wouldn’t mind a bit more tautness to the bass, but the NS200s remain an always enjoyable listen.

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