What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Fri, 2 Dec 2011, 12:44pm

Archos 15b Vision 4GB

Tested at £25

Cheap and fairly cheerful, it’s a shame the Archos doesn’t sound better

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  • Videos, photos and music
  • voice recorder
  • interface is intuitive
  • cheap


  • Sad to say, but it simply doesn’t sound all that great

This seems ludicrously cheap, does it not? Offering the best megabyte per pound ratio in this test, Archos has chosen simply to shrink a standard MP3 player design to the size of a coin pocket on a pair of jeans.

The 15b Vision slaps all the controls on the front of the portable, with no side buttons, so it’s easy to hold without accidentally pressing anything. Using left/right keys to go up/down isn’t very intuitive, however.

The small colour screen looks fine and the interface is obvious and soon familiar. It supports videos (though on such a tiny screen, that seems overkill) photos and music, and there’s a voice recorder, too.

Our WAV files found their way to the ‘files’ rather than music folder, complete with track information, but the sound struggles to inspire.

Yes, the Archos 15b Vision is cheap, but with thin and bright sound – and bog-standard bundled buds – it’s hard to get behind.

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