Dedicated app designed for new iPad retina display, includes gapless playback, high-definition artwork and easier search

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Published 02.05.12

Spotify has finally released its long-awaited bespoke iPad app.

Until now, iPad owners have had to make do with the Spotify app designed for the iPhone's smaller screen.

But now there's a full-size version available. Key features include:

• Retina graphics for compatibility with the new iPad's screen

• Easier browsing of Spotify's 18 million song catalogue

• New 'now playing' full-screen view with high-definition cover artwork

• Search for playlists, music and users, all from the same view

• Trending playlists and songs among your friends

• Gapless playback and crossfade

• Inbox grouped by user for easy search

• AirPlay integration

Spotify for iPad is available in the Apple App Store now.

There's also an updated version for iPhone users, which brings gapless playback, crossfade and hi-res album artwork to Spotify on the iPhone.

The update also promises to sort out syncing issues with offline playlists, which has been a reported issue for some users.

The iOS update across all devices is also available now in the Apple App Store.

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