Sony confirms Video Unlimited 4K download service

2 Jul 2013

We've been wowing our eyes with the latest Sony 4K TV and now we have more news on the company's 4K Ultra HD Media Player and new Video Unlimited 4K content service.

Sony has revealed the FMP-X1 4K video player, which comes pre-loaded with 10 4K films, will go on sale in stores in the US by July 15th, and is scheduled to ship from Sony's online store by July 2nd.

The 4K player is exclusively compatible with the 65in Sony KD-65X9005A and 55in KD-55X9005A 4K TVs and comes with a $700 price tag. If you already own your Sony 4K TV, you can knock $200 off that price... There's no word on support for 84in Sony KD-84X9005 4K TV.

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Furthermore, Sony confirmed the name of its 4K video download service: Video Unlimited 4K, which will sit neatly alongside the Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited streaming services.

Sony Video Unlimited 4K promises to be the "world's first and only network video service that gives you access to a regularly updated library of full-length 4K feature films and TV shows". 

The FMP-X1 4K box will have 2TB of storage for 4K films, though Sony says this can be boosted by an external hard drive.

Engadget reports that 4K film downloads will cost $7.99 for a 24-hour rental or a hefty $30 to buy. 

The 4K Ultra HD Media Server requires a wired Ethernet connection, which makes sense for big downloads anyway, and also sports an HDMI output, SD card slot and two USB inputs.

Sadly, Sony has said it has "no plans" for a UK release for the Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player, so we're having to make do with Mastered in 4K Blu-ray titles for now.

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by Joe Cox

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so Gradius, have you been seeing this lack of resolution, pixels etc on the 2K films shown at your local cinema for the last several years? 



I know of many a person who likes 3D as much as I do... at times it is quite Superb !


"How many people are watching 3D TV's????"


I do, it's great at times... sometimes not, depands on the camera used ?

Many a 3D movie can look fantastic and in many ways better the movie concerned when watched in 3D   Smile

I kid you not, many a movie DOES look fantastic in 3D.

Well worth the investment so far.... very happy and a lot of HD looks real nice in 3D... not all of it mind, but some really does look brill !

You don't need 70" to see the differences.  60" and up is enough.   FYI the real limit for 1080p is 55", above that you can see lack of resolution, pixels, etc.


Since when has "good enough" ever been 'good enough'? We now have the chance to own films that are "perfect" - the same resolution that many films are filmed in. No more half baked formats, this is as good as it gets. All that is to be seen now is how heavily they will be compressed.

4K only good for big screen. you will not feel so different for screen less than 50 inch. 70 inch and up might get benefit. 

The price still high. and download big files is problem for many part of the world. I think it need more time maybe 2-3 more year ?

So 4K is efffectively becoming a proprietary Sony format. Betamax 2 anyone?

Blu Ray is excellent as we all know, but I think if you had a 70in plus screen in the house, you would be able to see improvements.  It depends on the film too of course - some of titles included with the 4k media player, whilst variable in taste, aren't really the best material to be showing off 4K.

Personally, I think the strengths of 4K will be in mult-screen / picture in picture mode - which hasn't really taken off yet for obvious reasons.  Cable tuners will soon have upwards of 4 tuners plus, so we may well see the Back To The Future 2 future TV scenario with multi-channels.  Throw in various apps you may want to run on screen at the same time, and there you go - 4K starts to shine.

It doesn't matter about what we NEED.  Staying with Bluray will not keep the cash registers ringing.  I can see the value of 4k for projectors if going really big, but for tv panels I'm not so sure.  Quite how non-optical broadband customers will download 4K files defeats me.  24 hour rental will be useless it will probably take that long to download it.

The difference with 4K is that people seem to be interested whereas I know of no-one who was interested in 3D before, at and after launch.  It is a Hollywood obsession, not a consumer one.

nice, to be able to access this.

but sony, listen loud and clear.


blu ray is good enough. 


there is NO need at all for 4K at home.

when will these people ever learn???


How many people are watching 3D TV's????