Sky+ iPhone app to bring remote control feature

18 Oct 2012

Sky+ iPhone app

Sky has confirmed that an update to the Sky+ app for iPhone will soon allow you to use it as a remote control.

The remote control functionality, currently limited to the Sky+ iPad app, allows you to use your device as a touchscreen remote for your Sky TV box.

As well as scoring well on the 'impress your mates' scale, using an iPad or soon iPhone means you can browse the EPG, your recordings or change channel or volume without interrupting the full screen TV picture.

The second screen experience on the iPad allows you to pause TV with a tap of the screen and swipe to rewind, fast forward or change channel. You can see how it works in this Sky video or read more about it in our original news story.

All this functionality is now set to be available on the Sky+ iPhone app: another kick in the teeth for the traditional Sky TV remote control.

Both the Sky+ app and the Sky Go app are available free on iOS and compatible Android tablets and smartphones.

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kaledi wrote:
Sonos, Marantz, Panasonic etc are prioritising Apple over Android

All the companies you mention have Android versions of their control apps.

Is it only me, or is anyone else utterly depressed and annoyed by how hardware companies are taking their product development to integrate with other devices.

I'm all for these 'apps' but what I find unpalatable is that in order for me to benefit from what Sky are doing, I have to buy an Apple product.  And it isn't only Sky, Sonos, Marantz, Panasonic etc are prioritising Apple over Android.  I simply don't get on with, or even 'get' the hype of Apple products (save the Macbook Air, which I do see the beauty of the engineering, but that's another story).

My not liking Apple products is fine, and for the record, I also don't currently own an Android device, but I'm feeling increasingly compeled to consider buying one or the other to fully exploit and integrate my AV gear.

I find this unacceptable that 2 years down the road my next television won't come with a remote control, because I'll be expected to control it with my iphone!  What is worse is that the media don't seem to care about this blatant exploit of the consumer!