Freesat adds 18 new channels to satellite TV platform

22 Jul 2008

Freesat TV
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Freesat, the free-to-air satellite TV service, is adding 18 new channels from late July/early August.

The first set of channels will launch on July 24, and includes a range of entertainment, news, shopping and gaming programmes, such as Zone Horror (dedicated to "the dark side of cinema" apparently), Zone Reality ("explosive real-life programming") and Russia Today (an English language news channel from a Russian perspective).

The second group launches on August 1, and will include popular radio station ssuch as Capital Radio, XFM, Classic FM and the newly-launched NME Radio.

Emma Scott, Freesat's managing director, says: "Following last week's launch of BBC and ITV regional variants, these new TV and radio channels further enhance Freesat's offering and provide extra choice to viewers and listeners."

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I agree with 1R

Freesat will not take off until a Freesat Pvr is made

I suspect HUMAX will be the first to do it.

A 320 GB  would do just  nicely

I think that most people would have found this interesting if the announcement read, "is adding 18 HD channels"...

I will not make the jump until I see a positive What Hi-Fi review of a Freesat PVR.

I can't help thinking that if Freesat had been given the big wow launch with all the bells and wistles and a fair amount of HD channels then it could have realy taken off with a bang. I think I'll wait until 2012 when the analogue service is swithed off.

Great...... we can get English language updates on the new tractor factory in Khazakstan, some B movie Hammer Horror films and more reality TV. I can hardly wait.

How about some documentaries or dare I say it, more HD content ?