Treat yourself to something special this Christmas: we round-up the best gift ideas for film fans and home cinema enthusiasts, from speaker systems to projectors

If you're in to your films, or you're in need of a present for someone who is (and if you're reading this we're pretty confident you are), then we have some inspiration for you.

We've rounded-up some tech Christmas gift ideas for under £100 and under £200 but for now let's dream that money's no object and splash the cash on some serious home cinema kit. From Blu-ray players to projectors, home cinema amps to speakers, here's a list of gift ideas... 

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Blu-ray player

Sony BDP-S790

Five Stars

Tested at £200 –  Latest Prices


We can't stress enough just how good this Blu-ray player is. Sony has bundled in everything you could want or need from such a device. Impressive picture and sound quality, an array of smart features, 3D capability and 4K upscaling. There's nothing it can't do.



Epson EH-TW5910

Five stars

Tested at 900 –  Latest prices

Big-screen thrills are more affordable than ever and still the best way to immerse yourself in a movie at home.

If you're after spending around a thousand pounds, Epson has got you covered with this detailed projector that's capable deep blacks and decent 3D. Die Hard will never have looked so good.



Philips HTL9100

Five Stars

Tested at £600

If surround sound is what you crave this Christmas, but the budget for a fully-fledged 5.1 set-up isn't available, then the Philips could be right up your street.

The detachable end speakers can be placed anywhere in the room and provide an immersive experience. We liked it so much we deemed it to be our Product of the year


Dali Zensor 1 5.1

Five stars

Tested at £980 – Latest prices

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Oh you have got room for a full-size surround package? Well then try this Dali package for size. It sounds as formidable as it looks and is terrific value at just the right side of £1000.

The Zensor range has serious pedigree and this system delivered the dynamic, expressive sound that we've come to expect, with a solid sub providing plenty of punch. Go on, you know your neighbours won't mind.



Panasonic TX-P55VT65B

Five Stars

Tested at £2400

Latest Prices

Let's be honest, we all want as big a screen as possible deep down. And if you've got the room for it, it's only going to make your movies that much more enjoyable.

If you're on page with the idea that "big is better" then this 55in Panasonic is where it's at. Crammed full of features but most importantly simply capable of a brilliant picture. And with the plasma TV business on its last legs, why not snap up one of the latest, greatest models.


Home cinema amplifier

Pioneer SC-LX57

Five stars

Tested at £1200 – Latest prices

Behind every brilliant home cinema system, there's a massive chunk of AV electronics. Like this Pioneer SC-LX57. 

This year's best amp around the £1000 mark, it has a list of strengths longer than the average speaker cable, and proves capable with stereo as well as surround sound music. Treat yoursel to a few new Blu-rays and enjoy.


Streaming movie service


 If your loved one is truly into their movies and TV, then chances are they'll already be signed up to a service such as Netflix.

If not, for £5.99 a month you can introduce them to a whole new world of on-demand content. Netflix boats an extensive catalogue, and with some top US shows being available the day after their broadcast across the pond, you can always be up-to-date.


by  Max Langridge

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