It's time to round up the news and reviews that have graced What Hi-Fi? the past week – including details of new products and services from Dali, Oppo and Technics.

This week on What Hi-Fi?, we were granted a first look at Technics' new product line-up and music site, Dali introduced the Kubik One one-box audio system and B&O unveiled the BeoPlay H2 on-ear headphones.

On the reviews front, there was plenty to read for hi-fi and home cinema enthusiasts: Oppo lead the way with its premium blu-ray player, the BDP-105D, while we also cast our verdict on Yamaha's punchy RX-A1040 AV receiver and the  Roberts Revival iStream 2 DAB radio.


Technics to launch 'Technics Tracks' high-resolution download store

This week, What Hi-Fi? were granted a look - and a listen - at a new high-resolution download site and several new hi-fi systems from the revitalised Technics brand.

The site, named Technics Tracks, will offer music at CD quality (16-bit/44.1kHz), 24-bit/96kHz and 24-bit/192kHz resolution when it goes live in the UK early next year

And, as announced at IFA 2014, Technics will be bringing out new systems - including a network player, power amplifier and speaker system.

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Dali introduces £800 Kubik One all-in-one system

After winning acclaim with their Kubik Free wireless speaker, Dali are building on that success with the introduction of the Kubik One.

An all-in-one audio system that comes with both wired and wireless connections (including aptX Bluetooth), the Kubik One also has a Class D digital amp that can handle bit-rates of up to 24-bit/96kHz.

We're waiting on confirmation for a release date, but we do have the price - the Kubik One will cost £800.

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B&O Play launches "ultra flexible" BeoPlay H2 on-ear headphones

Hi-fi manufacturer Bang & Olufsen has announced a new pair of on-ear headphones. 

The BeoPlay H2 feature a custom-designed 40mm driver and bass port that the Danish company claims will give a "full and rich music performance".

The headphones will be available in three finishes and go on sale at the end of the month [November] for £169.

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"It’s clear the 105D needs to do more to justify its price premium, and we think it does"

Oppo BDP-105D

£1100 for a Blu-ray player would appear excessive. If you want a source that's as comfortable with films as it is with music, however, then the Oppo BDP-105D is your go-to choice.

It'll punch a hole in your wallet, but dismissing this machine as being too expensive is missing the point. It's a terrific player.

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"Give the RX-A1040 an audition, though. Its beefiness of sound and numerous features means it’s a good, but not great receiver"

Yamaha RX-A1040

Yamaha's been known for its muscular sounding AV receivers, and the RX-A1040 certainly fulfils that promise.

Our one problem with the unit, however, is that it's almost too aggressive, impacting on the satisfyingly grand scale we like to hear from the Aventage range.

So, while it scores in the features and power department, there are other receivers that are a tad more satisfying. Good, but not great.

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"If you’re looking for a retro look and don’t want to sacrifice on features, you need to give this a go"

Roberts Revival iStream 2

First off, the Revival iStream 2 looks great. The retro stylings and leather-like material make for luxurious looking product.

Secondly, it sounds great. A bit more bass wouldn't go amiss, but tonally it's well balanced with good detail. We think it's a lovely radio.

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