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Newbie after speaker recomendation

Hello all im new to this wonderful site and stumbled across it whilst browsing for some new floor standers. So i am asking for anybody's opinion or recommendation for some floor standers up to £350-£400 for my(old) denon D250 personal component system. I may upgrade the amp in the near future too so bear that in mind.

The ones i have seen are:

Wharfedale amber 20.4

Wharfedale diamond 10.3 and 10.4

Tannoy V4

Acoustic energy neo 3 v2

Q acoustics 2050i

Im after peoples opinions of these speakers and more recommendations too. Thanks in advance. Paul

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RE: Newbie after speaker recomendation

Well KEF 1Q5SE and Mission MX3 are in that price range. You are sure you want floor standers? 

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